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About Gladys McMahon

Author of
Hanging In, a Love Story
Gladys McMahon, author
     of Hanging In, a love story

Gladys McMahon was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where she grew up, and raised four children.

Through the 60's, 70's and 80's, Mrs. McMahon worked in the inner city of Chicago in heavy industrial manufacturing companies, . It was not an easy time for a woman in a traditionally male management position. In her work, Mrs. McMahon first discovered her writing talent by creating employee policy and procedure booklets for manufacturing companies, and a medical procedure manual for a steel mill.

Gladys McMahon's writing career burgeoned when the Chicago Tribune and the Columbus Dispatch printed her articles and short stories. McMahon has presented non-fiction and fiction stories to various groups and has traveled extensively.

Aside from writing novels and short stories, Mrs. McMahon is a painter, photographer, gardener and a certified scuba diver. She has been a member of the Ohio Writers Guild for several years.

Gladys McMahon lives in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio with her two Schnauzers.

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